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5 Second Rule is a new acoustic band from the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Our core backgrounds in traditional Celtic music and bluegrass set the foundation for inventive excursions into jazz, world music and other realms.

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Norwegian Wood - with vocals
Farewell to Erin - live at The Meyerson

David Lovrien brings Irish whistle melodies, keyboards and a rockin' sax to 5 Second Rule. David also plays saxophone with the Dallas Wind Symphony and local rock band The Fins. He joined the band Gallus in 2004 and has been picking up tunes ever since. He performs regularly with the Trinity Hall Session Players and has been a staff member at the annual O’Flaherty Irish Music Camp since 2006.

Michelle Feldman brings a wonderful Irish style to 5 Second Rule. Her fiddle expertise has won much respect from students and fans alike in the Irish music world. Michelle is also a songwriter and has performed with many ensembles in the past, including Gallus. Her breathtaking leads and forays into Appalachian-style fiddling leave even the most well-seasoned Irish music fans yelling for more.

Percussionist Rick Holt started his 40-year drumming career at an early age and was exposed to a wide variety of musical styles. Since graduating with a degree in Music Education from Troy University in Alabama, he has been performing in bands and as a freelance percussionist in rock, jazz, blues, country and classical performances. He is also an instructor at the annual O’Flaherty Irish Music Youth Camp. Rick brings a unique and diverse musical style to 5 Second Rule, utilizing the African djembe, Celtic bodhran, and other wonderful percussion instruments.

Guitarist and Irish Bouzouki player Mike Tidwell
has been playing acoustic and electric guitars for over 35 years. As a singer-songwriter, he has written and performed many types of popular music, including rock, blues, Celtic, bluegrass, country, and folk, to name a few. Mike has also performed with many bluegrass and Celtic ensembles in California and Texas. Mike’s driving bouzouki, diverse guitar style, vocals and original numbers bring a unique eclectic style to 5 Second Rule.

Guitarist Paul Dryer is no stranger to diverse music styles. Over the past 40 years, Paul has played in jazz, bluegrass, rock and gospel bands, and numerous vocal groups. Originally from Kentucky, Paul has lived in the Dallas area since the early 1960's. He also plays mandolin and whistle. Paul’s supportive backup vocals, creative jazz-inspired chord shapes, and melodic style add a decisive richness to 5 Second Rule’s repertoire.

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