Sick and tired of every band sounding the same?
Tin Man is your band

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Quite often we are asked to supply cocktail music before the reception starts. We are happy to provide that as an option from solo to trio.

We will be happy to learn a special song or two if we don't know them already


Tin Man plays only live music. When you pay for Live music then live music is what you should be getting!

Tin Man
appeals to a large and musically diverse audience. They are right at home in any venue, with musical styles that range from Micheal Buble, to Cee Lo. Tin Man's members are among the best in Texas and never rely on Karaoke tracks like many other bands do.. Watch this group and it quickly becomes apparent that the band enjoys what they do. When Tin Man performs, the audience can't help but feel the music flow though them and interaction is also a big part of the evening. The music they play always gets the crowd going and creates an atmosphere that's memorable.