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A one woman show with songs and impersonations of famous Hollywood blonds

Suzy is a Dallas native. Her love of films took her to Hollywood where she worked on many of the 70’s top television shows such as “Colombo”,” The Incredible Hulk,” “Police Woman” and several films including “The Amazing Howard Hughes” with another Dallas native Tommy Lee Jones, and the emmy-award winning movie “Raid on Entebbe”. Her singing experience led her to New York for a recording contract. She had a hit pop/dance record called ”Can’t Take These Lies” which received airplay and club play internationally. When she returned to Texas, she worked on “Walker Texas Ranger” and the children’s show “Wishbone”. She also worked on “Dr. T and the Women”. Suzy has always been a good mimic and has worked for years as a celebrity impersonator. Although mainly getting work as Marilyn Monroe, she has also performed as Mae West, Ingrid Bergman, Cher, Marlene Dietrich, Jean Harlow, and Madonna. Suzy is also an artist with years of experience in make-up, wig styling and as an impressionistic painter. Suzy is currently doing on a one-woman show called ”Blonde Highlights of Hollywood” which is a comedic tribute to some of the most beloved blondes including songs and impersonations.