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Greek American Music

A high energy duo that focuses on entertaining the entire audience, adults and children alike!
This group combines Greek and American entertainment but also offers music of an international flavor!

Listen to the music of Andreas

Andreas has been a professional musician for over 25 years!

Andreas was born in Athens, Greece. He became a professional guitarist in 1974. He came to the US in 1977 and has played with various groups across Canada and the US.

Laura has been performing most all her life. She is both a singer and a dancer, and has been entertaining people all over Texas and Louisiana for many years.

Together, Laura and Andreas not only perform Greek and American music, but we also have an international repertoire. Andreas arranges all background music and uses a MS40 to accompany the bouzouki and guitar.

If desired, a full band and/or a belly dancer can accompany the show.

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